Dioo Microcircuits

Manufacturer : Dioo Microcircuits Co., LTD
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Contact Window:【Shenzhen】-Jacky Lin
TEL:+86-755-2238-7466 ext 614

Dioo Microcircuits Co., LTD is an extraordinary analog and mixed signal IC vendor offering total solutions to market segments, including smart phone, set-top box, smart TV, industrial, medical instruments, LED lighting etc.

Dioo product portfolio includes USB2.0/3.0 interface IC, low power and low noise amplifiers, high voltage small foot-print power management IC, LED lighting IC and HD audio and video signal conditioning IC. Dioo commits to provide our customers with high performance/cost ratio products and valuable long term design supports and service.

  • Buck Converter
  • Boost Converter
  • LDO
  • Load Switch
  • Charger IC
  • Reset IC
  • MOS Driver
  • Flash Driver
  • LED Driver
  • USB Switch
  • Analog Switch
  • General OPA
  • H-Precision OPA
  • Ultra L-Power OPA
  • H-Precision, L-Power OPA
  • Comparator
  • Current Sensor
  • Class D
  • Video Fliter Driver
  • Audio Line Driver
  • Combo Chip
  • APFC CC Flyback LED Driver
  • APFC CC Buck LED Driver
  • APFC CV Flyback LED Driver
  • APFC CC Boost LED Driver
  • General Ripple Remove Driver
  • Filament Ripple Remove Drvier