Corporate Governance

🔻Company Regulations

01Articles of Incorporation
02Rules for Election of Directors and Supervisors
03Integrity Management Code
04Code of Ethical Conduct
05Rules and Procedures of Shareholders Meeting
06Rules and Procedures of the Board of Director Meetings
07Procedur​es for Endorsement and Guarantee
08Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties
09Corporate Governance Code of Practice
10The Rules for Performance Evaluations of the Board of Directors
11Audit Committee Charter
12Remuneration Committee Charter
13Measures for the Prevention of Insider Trading
14Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets
15Polices and Procedures for Financial Derivatives Transactions
16Reporting Regulations of Irregular, Immoral and Dishonest Conducts
17Sustainable Development Code of Practice

🔻Directors and Boards of Directors



Graduated from Minghsin Engineering Electronics Department, the company's founder and chairman of the board, since the work has been committed to the work of electronic parts related fields.

Director of Arlitech Crop, Director of Arlitech (Brunei), Arlitech (HK) Limited, Director of Arlitech (Brunei), Suzhou, China and Asia Electronic Trading Co., Ltd. legal representative and general manager, Guangzhou City, Yao Electronics Co., Ltd. legal representative and general manager, this goods Technology Co., Ltd.Chairman of the board.



Chiu Ya Wen

Master of Business Administration National Taipei University, currently serves as Director of Microcosm Technology Co., Ltd and Partner of Handsome Attorneys-at-Law.




Graduated from National Cheng Kung University and Department of Resources Engineering, currently serves as Sisters Organic Farm of Owner.


Corporate Director

Arlitech Electronic Trading co. ltd.

For the professional investment company, has a strong team of teams and professionals, and to provide investment companies related to the operation and management of high value-added services.


Independent director


Graduated from the Institute of the Institute of the Institute of Master, the incumbent Hong Yuan joint accountant accountant, part-time Chi Hua (stock) company alone, E-Coms Co., Ltd. supervisor, ATE energy company supervisors.


Independent director


Graduated from the Nationl Chengchi University, national land administrative college entrance examination, served as deputy director of the Executive Yuan by the Executive Yuan, DeLin Institute of Technology Department of international business department, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Commerce Division and Industry Bureau) project review committee, Member of the Ministry of the Interior (Construction Department, Construction Institute and the Secretary for Lands), and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Executive Yuan of the Executive Yuan.


Independent director


Graduated from the Nationl Chengchi University General Assembly Institute of Master, the accountant examination qualified, served as the forehead of the accounting firm audit department, the current P-TWO INDUSTRIAL INC. senior manager of the Finance Department.


01111 Performance Evaluation Results of the Board of Directors
02Implementation of the Director Diversity Policy
03Management Succession Planning


01Audit Committee
02Compensation Committee
03Board Committee Memberhip

🔻lnternal Audit

01lnternal Audit