As the power consumption increases, more attention is paid to the wireless transmission quality and more strigent in mainly requirement of electrical characteristics. As a result, the application in using inductors is getting wider. Our inductors are used in various indstries such as Panel, Netcom, smart meters and consumer electronics industries, and also aim at penetrating into segments of industry and automotive electronics, medical and white goods.


The panel is rich in colorful, ultra-high contrast, and energy saving. Each driver IC has an excellent match with the electronic components of Arlitech. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guides.


The network is vast. Arlitech provides highly-reliable network system products. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guides.


The IoT generation has come. Arlitech provides stable power components for more efficient and stable system operation. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guides.


Changes in lifestyles have led to the growing demand for consumer electronics products, and the rapidly changing market trends are closely related to the four scenario-based demands of life technology, which will undoubtedly be important reference indicators for the industry.

Consumer Electronics

Emerging AI technology service applications will be the mainstream in the future,
People who know how to work with machines best will be the winners in leadership.

Computing Intelligence

The global trend of smart cars and the growing demand have entered the automotive smart industry market and will become the fastest growing industry.

Automotive Electronics


Come and visit us at the "New Taipei Theme Pavilion" at the 2022 Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week Exhibition!

  In 2022, to break through the framework, for the first time, the "real and virtual" model of physical exhibition and video negotiation will be used for remote exhibitions. Invitation New Taipei City manufacturers participated in the "2022 Japan Communications & Broadcasting Week Exhibition ". Arlitech Electronic is honored to cooperate with the Economic Development Bureau to participate in the exhibition in Tokyo in the form of the New Taipei Theme Pavilion. With our SMD Power Indcutor and Molding Choke products, we will show you our latest manufacturing and production technology! This event will be a rare opportunity to let major enterprises know more about our company.


Arlitech Electronic Corp. participates in the 2022 Japan Communication & Broadcasting Week -Mobile Network Technology for 5G/IoT Expo.

  In the second half of 2022, when the epidemic situation is gradually slowing down, Arlitech Electronic Corp. will also participate in the Network Technology for 5G/IoT theme exhibition of Japan Communication Broadcasting Week. The manufacturers participating in the grand event will also include 5G communication systems, active antenna systems, and wireless bases. Station Facilities, Distributed Antenna Systems, Antenna Equipment, Mobile Station Equipment, Power Supplies/Rechargeable Batteries, Connectors, Modulators, Concentrators, Sensors, Power Conditioners, Wireless LAN Equipment, Wireless LAN Access Points, VPN Routers , frequency converters, ISM frequency band automatic matching units, device drivers, sensors/chips, measurement/detection equipment, IoT solutions….etc.


How Does Xiaomi Choose Inductors in Mi USB Lights and Portable Devices?

  There is a list of products from Xiaomi and its sub-brands: wireless car chargers, power banks, portable handheld fans, USB LED lights, and LED flashlights. These products are all sold well in the market with their affordable prices and nice functions. For instance, to satisfy people with different consumption levels, they can always thrive in harsh and extreme environments.

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