As the power consumption increases, more attention is paid to the wireless transmission quality and more strigent in mainly requirement of electrical characteristics. As a result, the application in using inductors is getting wider. Our inductors are used in various indstries such as Panel, Netcom, smart meters and consumer electronics industries, and also aim at penetrating into segments of industry and automotive electronics, medical and white goods.


The panel product utilizing Arlitech power inductor components features rich color variations that create ultimate image quality and ultra-high contrast, clear presentation of bright and dark details, a smooth and vivid visual feast, and meets the larger and more realistic demands while complementing low blue light technology to protect users' eyes from strain and glare even during prolonged viewing. Each type of panel driver IC is perfectly matched with Arlitech power inductor components. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guide.


Our customer products in communication applications include network base stations, routers, and telecommunications devices. Arlitech's passive components provide the essential high reliability characteristics required in the design of network communication systems, ensuring stable and long-term operation quality under harsh outdoor conditions. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guides.


The inductors produced by Arlitech are used in various end products in the industry, including smart electric meters, servers, and monitoring security equipment. The high standards required for inductor resistance specifications in industrial products aim to achieve efficient and stable long-term operating pressures. Precision and high reliability are also one of the required characteristics for applying industrial products with high precision to new technology products. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guide.


The changing lifestyle has driven the continuous growth of consumer electronics demand. With the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, consumers' demand for intelligent products is increasing. Examples include smart home products, smartphones, and smartwatches. The market trend is undoubtedly ever-changing due to the increasing emphasis on personalized and customized products, and it will be an important reference indicator for the industry. Arlitech's passive component inductors meet such demands, further information can be found in the specifications and application guide.

Consumer Electronics

Emerging AI technology services and applications will be the mainstream in the future. Passive components required for intelligent computing include resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystals, and more. In the intelligent industry, we support product customers for AI-powered learning robotic arms to create small-sized inductor products that meet high-precision, high-stability, and high-reliability requirements. Arlitech's passive component inductors meet such needs. For further information, please refer to the specifications and application guide.

Computing Intelligence

The development of intelligent technology has enabled intelligent electric vehicles to not only have superior energy efficiency but also various high-tech features such as intelligent driving, autonomous driving, and intelligent connectivity. The future trend of intelligent electric vehicles is to continue the application of unmanned technology, improve the safety of driving computers, enhance the immersive entertainment experience in the car, and shorten the charging time. Arlitech has entered the market for intelligent vehicles and will become an important player in the industry's passive component supply chain.

Automotive Electronics